The Boat

There is only two ways to have a life of resource and privilege. This is by living through the traditional means of work/life imbalance or to find some imaginative state of freedom. With the former you’ll have to trudge along with the mundane life that tolls at your stress levels and actual interest. This life is a must of you wish to compete and to hold property and assets. Here are other options with the latter, escape and never look back again. Walk away from your debt and troubles, become outlawed by disappearing. You’ll risk everything by losing everything and everyone, if such concerns matter to you deeply. There are two options and only one to choose.

Lately I have been missing from my blog site. In my attentions to ramble on with informers thoughts on subjects that’ll interest me… I couldn’t stretch the imagination. I was bogged down with unpleasant work and means to acquire little for basic amnesties and utilities needed to live. So I thought to include this part of underemployment, precariously housed situation that is matched thousands and counting within my county. As well, more people are faced similar predicaments. A sort of ‘flight or fight’ scenario with how life has led to as of now.

Without seeming robotic, parroting research and resources that quantify such experiences truthfully, I’ll tell each story.

Each person has their own story for being so overworked, uninspired whatever pessimism that may have creeped over joy after gaining the first sense of free adult life.

We can discuss racialize privilege about how whites have it better, generally, not based on actual individual experiences to discuss one favorable side of the same story. We can tear one another apart by using academia to support our divisive passive and poetic words of black and brown disparity, again the same story as everyone else though the dominate focal point of the same issue.

Life is a struggle and there aren’t any signs that this too shall become better and corrected with time.

Few full time professional jobs are created to over match the amount of college graduates and counting competing for the same source of employment.

Yes we can go on forever about the different responses in resumes to assumed non-traditional names; and how this greatly affects racial minorities based on percentage of populations as compared and so on. This adds nothing to the John, too, has been majorly set back to graduate from college because he must afford college first. He must afford the time it takes to complete the course presences and work, or to forgo full time or proper employment to take up for lost time. Where is he employed? The first mistake is by joining the low-skilled workforce where you may remain even after final graduation. This is a problem regardless of his sex and skin color. John is left to question to give up all together or to trudge along in misery.

National protests and cries for higher minimum wages are met by realization of the exact repurpose of cost.

In opposition of a proper resolution other than finding a better job that does not exist, is the assumption such wages are underserving. If a business cannot handle the amount of labor cost; if a business refuses to repurpose cost that affects the owner too then one shouldn’t remain in business. There is already an over abundance of service jobs as compared to full time professional employment. A realization must come to the fact: traditional young and inexperienced employees are no longer the norm for such factors. There are adults in need of a wage to compete.

These jobs, so undesired and understaffed has stressed the LaKendra that had worked for and hoped for better conditions of employment. Everyday she is ready to jump ship, to leave work and to find better. In the back of her mind she discuss with herself of what will become of her if she were to leave unplanned. Homelessness, most likely something unforgivable if she has dependents or family that may care for her. She stays to work each day out of misery. LaKendra dissatisfied with the pay, work environment and the inconsideration of the customers.

Perhaps the stories are not heard unless it’s heart spoken for a one time reader or share. Maybe the message should be eloquently disguised, hidden as a message. The story being a family going through emotions- an all-American plight. The message peeled and analyzed, then made for required reading years after the lack of flame.

That will do.



After experiencing technical difficulties with this website I felt lost. I had just nearly completed an essay, lengthy as my writing usually can become, only to find it erased. It’s as if I never typed, retyped or researched my topic at all. What was left are notes for this section, careful consideration for the reader. All of it now gone, disappeared.

The feeling was of anger, mostly. I deleted what was saved here as it was not much to revive to its original perfection. I was angry contemplating whether or not I should contact whomever that cannot do the impossible. That is to fix a computer glitch that exist as a technical issue, only on my end. I felt angry, then disappointed. To think of the hard work now left forgotten and unknown to the public.

I felt this emotion but decided to type here instead. I may feel discouraged in my plight to become something I once thought was meant for those brighter than myself. There will be times were I will lose all that I had worked hard. But if I continue, anew, with a different frame or mindset that I can still write, and write well. And here that I may type my heart’s desire of all of the various interest and passions, then I can do so again. The topic and many others will resurface again and I may write and relate to others as best I can again. My mind is endless and so is my time.